Don't be afraid to triple check!

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Jessica Whyte - Apprentice Youth Worker                                                              29 September 2015

Don’t be afraid to triple check!

I am very organised. I like to-do lists. I like neatness. That’s my thing. But I’ve always wished I could be very laid back and chilled out. But this just isn’t me. Being a little neurotic was to come in handy at the jobs fair me and my team had to organise last week.

For the event, we were trying out a new type of recruitment process. The plan was to remove as many barriers as possible and have a dedicated area where pre-interviews could take place on the day with the providers. Under the Apprenticeships Norfolk Network banner, influencers and providers were to come together as one knowledgeable and interactive team. Radical, I know…. but would it work?

Katie (who was the main events coordinator) was on holiday for the few days just before the event and so the final stages of the planning were down to me. Suddenly I found myself nervous. This was her baby! She had spent a lot of time organising it and I had to make sure it was right. I couldn’t let her down! I was in triple checking mode.

On the day, I panicked that I would get stuck in traffic (with all the event’s equipment in my car!) so arrived extra, extra early.

Just before the event kicked off – it was up to me and Katie (who was now back from holiday – praise the lord!) to brief the providers.  All went well with the providers fully on board and helping to ensure we were ready when the doors opened at 10am.

At the event, “Cruise Ship Jess” (my former employment) came out. I was chatty, smiley and welcoming with as many of the attendees as humanly possible. In fact I got a little sick of hearing my own voice! But you know what? It was totally worth it! I couldn’t help beam with pride to see the same thing was happening with the rest of the team. We all worked our socks off and to us, it was a real success. We learnt a lot and we found out what we could improve on next time. (There’s going to be a next time? Better start planning now!!)

So what have I learnt? It’s OKAY to be “over- organised”. It makes me feel calmer that I have thought about as much as possible and planned for a nuclear attack. Don’t let anyone tell you to calm down! If planning and having an eye for detail is your thing. Stick with it. I found it comes in handy!