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Added by Apprenticeships Norfolk on 04/04/2016 3:28pm

National Apprenticeship Week has been and gone in a blur of events. As a team we have been to every corner of Norfolk, visiting as many schools as we possibly could. It’s always good to go out and actually talk with students. It can be really rewarding when you know you’ve helped a young person to make a decision about their future.

As part of our role as Apprenticeship ambassadors we’ve entered the Brathay Apprenticeship Challenge, a national search for the Apprenticeship team of the year. Our team is made up of 9 apprentices from 4 different organisations. Part of the challenge is to go out and talk to students and businesses about the benefits of Apprenticeships. For some of the team, it’s our day job, but for others the chance to get out of the office and actually talk about what they do is great. It’s not always easy to get the time off work to do this, but members of the team have been able to come along on school visits and take part in our big National Apprenticeship Week event.

A ‘By Apprentices’ event held by Norfolk County Council during Apprenticeships Week,  was aimed at showing what an apprentice actually does. We had a huge variety of apprentice led stands, with everything from a speedway bike to an extremely impressive animatronic dinosaur, which was a real crowd pleaser! The event was catered by apprentices; their cakes and other delicious nibbles kept us going throughout the day.  Apprentices were on hand to talk to both businesses and potential apprentices about their jobs and the impact they’ve had on their work place. It’s really inspiring to hear what an apprentice can do - it breaks the myth of an apprentice just sweeping the floor and making the tea! Apprentices are great assets as companies look to grow and upskill their workforce. Whether it’s making a life-sized robotic dinosaur or managing social media accounts for clients, apprentices can do everything! With the range, quality and diversity of Apprenticeships available, there has never been a better time to take one on.

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Chris Betts, Youth Worker Apprentice