Virgin interviewer - 5 things I learnt about myself

Added by Apprenticeships Norfolk on 28/08/2015 4:11pm

  1. I’m a mean marker. This really surprised me as I like to think of myself as easy going- apparently I’m not when it comes to job interviews! I was scoring a fair bit lower than the two others on the panel who were the actual prospective managers. It must be hard to impress me!

  2. Sometimes you can absolutely love someone but they just didn’t answer the questions right. There was literally the sweetest lady, I felt so mean trying to pull information out of her. We all loved her but she didn’t hit the mark. I felt very deflated and wished that you could just give someone a job because they are super cute.

  3. I’m not very good at listening and writing. I’ve been to university, I could write notes on a lecture fine. It’s very different when it is someone simply talking to you and answering the question you have just asked them. My spelling went completely out the window and a lot of my writing looked like it had been done by a toddler.

  4. Speaking of, it’s really hard to try and do eye contact whilst writing. So, you’ve just asked them a question and now they are answering said question. And you are writing everything they say whilst trying to re-assure them with eye contact. Hello cross-eyed monster.

  5. Interview panels can have very different opinions of a person. You may not all agree at first, but once someone points out things you did not perhaps notice, you can change your mind. This means that scores can change- so you do have to get everyone on board!

Interviews are scary. Like, really scary. However I do honestly feel the best way to go about them is to be yourself- there is no point in pretending to be someone else as when you get the job and they realise you are a different person to your interview, things could get tricky. Also, humour isn’t always frowned upon! If you can use humour (as long as you don’t have the sense of humour of a 12 year old) use it to your advantage!

Katie - Youth Worker apprentice with NCC