Back to School at age 33 ¾

Added by Apprenticeships Norfolk on 04/09/2015 12:46pm

Ok, so I’m not actually going to school. I’m 33 and I’m not sure the uniform would even fit anymore! I have, though just started my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Youth Work at Norfolk County Council.

You hear all the time about learning while you earn, and I must admit I was a bit shocked by how much you actually have to learn! It’s been a long time since my head has had to get to grips with absorbing information.

I have in the past run a business where I learnt on the job. I taught myself the basics of accounting, marketing and other basics that every business needs to run. Thank you Google. But looking up YouTube tutorials on the art of making the perfect flat white (I had a coffee shop) is a piece of cake compared to re-learning how to learn.

I’m two months in now and I’m getting to grips managing my time between the job and the course, I’ve picked my units and the learning is slowly coming back to me.

Yes, Apprenticeships are vocationally based but that doesn’t mean no academic work. English and Maths are a must but that is the same for most jobs. It’s the subject related study that can be a bit tricky to master! Of course the amount of work will vary for each individual framework, the units chosen and the level of the Apprenticeship. Mine is in youth work, so there is a lot of theory and written policy that needs to be learnt. A lot.

I’ve just received the feedback on my first submitted unit (whilst writing this post!), and it’s not too bad! There are a few tweaks to make and the odd typo to sort but actually it’s nowhere near as bad as I had thought. It’s not about writing huge encyclopaedic essays, but about demonstrating the knowledge and understanding you’ve been asked to learn. Apparently I do. 

Chris - Youth Worker apprentice with NCC