What do you know?

Added by Apprenticeships Norfolk on 22/09/2015 3:10pm

Part of my role as an apprentice is to go out and promote Apprenticeships. I attend careers and information events all over Norfolk in a variety of venues. It’s a great chance to get out of the office, away from the computer and actually talk to people!

Last night I was at a careers event at one of our local secondary schools. The event was open to all at the school so we saw everyone from year 7 through to 6th form students as well as their parents. The turnout of students was really high and with a real mix of options for those considering their next steps.  Exhibiting were employers, colleges, universities and, of course, the Apprenticeship training providers.

What was really interesting from an Apprenticeship point of view was the differing views of people and their knowledge of what an Apprenticeship actually is. Parents were really keen to find out what they were - was it like the old YTS? Was it a college course with work experience? Of course, they are not.Talking to parents about what their children can gain out of an Apprenticeship seemed to really strike a chord. The range of Apprenticeships that are offered and the chance to get paid is, of course, very attractive and with the jobs market becoming ever more competitive, the chance to gain a qualification whilst gaining real experience of the work environment, was a really positive selling point!

But who do we need to educate about Apprenticeships? Is it the students, the parents or the teachers? Well, the answer is, all of them. To raise awareness and dispel some of the myths we need to talk to everyone who is involved in the young person’s decision making process so that they really understand what an Apprenticeship is and can make an informed decision about their future. On a really positive note, it was great to see so many year 7 students coming along to ask questions and start to think about what the future might hold for them even if it is a long time away!

Our team are looking forward to the Jobs Fair at St Andrews Hall in Norwich on 23 September – we’ll be there with live vacancies and plenty of information.

Chris Betts – Youth Worker apprentice with NCC